Roman Global Search

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We created an identity, supporting elements and branded collateral for this client, an independent recruitment company specialising in the risk management sector.

Roman Global also discussed subsidiaries, other than 'Search', so we created an identity system where the word 'Search' could be replaced; therefore building an identifiable family of Roman Global identities.

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Our resident photographer, Darren, photographed various objects for use across their on-screen materials, which were then supported by messages relevant to the business, devised by Zeal.

These included a compass for 'Heading in the right direction?' and a Swiss army knife for 'Willing to take a risk?'

Roman web Roman web2


We designed a website with messages and imagery which demonstrates what a user may be thinking when looking at recruiting, particularly in the risk sector.

A Powerpoint template was also created for Roman Global Search, utilising the images and brand elements created for cover pages.

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