Lucentum Wealth Limited

Lucewealth logo


Following their re-brand and re-launch, Lucentum Ltd commissioned Zeal to launch and roll-out 2 sub brands, Lucentum Wealth and Lucentum Financial Solutions, both of which have led to the design of literature and websites.

The Lucentum Wealth identity and colour palette fit well into the Lucentum family of companies.

Silver was chosen as the primary brand colour, to reflect the idea of 'wealth' and business. We also introduced yellow as a contrasting colour to the silver, as it's bright, refreshing and fits well with the strapline, A Brighter Future.

More Branding work

Lucewealth comms1


Zeal designed stationery and a selection of informative leaflets about Lucentum Wealth's services.

Lucewealth web1 Lucewealth web2


The website for this client followed a similar layout style to Lucentum and Lucentum Financial Solutions. The result is a clean but informative website, which fits well in the Lucentum family of businesses.

The imagery used for this business is of glistening and sparkling diamonds and gold dust to demonstrate both the idea of wealth and a glimmer of hope, as their strapline 'A Brighter Future' suggests.

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