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When a local office of a large accountancy firm decided to break away and go it alone, it was essential to make the right impression and reassure existing clients that this was a decisive step in the right direction. We worked closely with our client to build an in-depth understanding of their development plans and the things that they believed would help them to differentiate in a very competitive market.

The most important things we took from this process was their no nonsense approach, straightforward language and complete transparency around their fee structure. We also found that the proposed business name ‘Lucentum’ was derived from the word lucent meaning bright and clearly visible.

This allowed us to make a connection between the business name and objectives which would form the basis of the brand strategy. We created the phrase ‘Brighter Business’ to represent a fresh start, modern thinking and a smarter way of working. This would become the central principle around which the visual identity and all marketing communications would be created. Our approach to the identity itself was simple yet powerful, relying on elegant typography and bold contrasting colours.

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An integral element of the new brand identity was the creation of dynamic light paintings created by having some fun in the dark with some torches and a camera on a slow shutter setting. The resulting images represent the vibrancy and energetic approach of the business.

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To pull everything together and create a ‘campaignable’ brand, we created three positioning statements linking ‘Lucentum’ to ‘Brighter Business’ and using a style of language very much in keeping with the brand’s no nonsense character.

The roll-out process has taken many forms including the design of reporting templates, mailers, a client welcome pack, exhibition materials and signage.

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An essential part of Lucentum's communication environment is their website. We worked alongside a specialist web development provider to the accountancy sector to ensure the resulting site was both relevant to Lucentum's target audiences, scalable and on-brand.

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