Our story

Zeal is a brand design and communications business. We create and communicate stand-out brands from scratch and evolve existing ones to work harder and smarter.

We work with clients both big and small across a range of industry sectors.

Zeal founders, Darren Gee and Paul Dymond first collaborated whilst Paul was working at Dyson and Darren was assistant to the photographer commissioned by the business. They formed a solid and effective working relationship which continued despite both moving into various design agencies and direct commissions respectively.

Darren (Daz) is an experienced and accomplished photographer. He learnt the skills that now serve him and Zeal whilst working alongside some of London’s top photographers. During this time, Daz helped produce stunning work for the likes of Sony, Burberry, Sainsburys and O2 to name but a few. Then in 2004, as a photographer in his own right, his work was shortlisted in the National Portrait photography awards and in 2010 he was a finalist in the Association of Photographers open awards.

With their wealth of experience, in 2004 Daz and Paul combined forces and set up Zeal Design. Since then our numbers have grown and it’s the commitment, ability and energy of our team that makes the difference for our clients. At Zeal, we consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to offer our clients a combination of great design and photographic ability.

We hire interesting, driven, imaginative people who like to think and solve problems.

Emma Scott joined Zeal in 2005 as a first class BA Hons graphic design graduate from Suffolk College of Arts. Emma’s strong point lies in the roll-out of brands across various media and applications and it’s her attention to detail, thoroughness and excellent work ethic that make her a valued and essential cog in the Zeal machine.

Though Paul has recently moved back to his roots in Wiltshire, Zeal progresses with Darren in the driving seat and Emma heading up the design team. We look forward to seeing what the future brings and hope to work with you soon.

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Key People

Daz zeal
Darren Gee

Outside of the studio, Daz is an avid cyclist, runner and raconteur. He’s entered his first ever Triathlon ( Ironman distance ! ) and is training ready for the big event which takes place in September 2012. Good Luck Daz!

Follow Darren on Twitter @dazgeephoto

Emma zeal
Emma Scott

Away from work Emma enjoys arts and crafts, gardening, good cooking, family time and Hanson! (remember them?...MmmBop!)

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