C.S.R policy

Corporate Social Responsibility at Zeal

Even as a small business we recognise the importance of operating responsibly. Our approach to this focuses on the impact that we have on society and the environment - the areas where we feel we can most make a difference.


Our people are our business and it is their commitment, ability and energy that makes the difference for our clients. We go to great lengths, therefore, to provide a nurturing, inclusive and supportive culture. We hold regular meetings to discuss work-planning and direction and company performance and objectives are discussed openly and frequently with all staff.


We are currently looking at ways to form stronger links with local educational establishments. We see this as an important step in educating pupils about possible career opportunities and in securing the future health of our industry. Activity to date has seen us involved in a number of secondary school initiatives as well as the provision of work placements for students interested in a design related career.

Environmental issues

First and foremost, we are compliant with all relevant environmental legislation. Furthermore, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment by:

• ensuring our waste is managed effectively, disposed of safely and recycled wherever possible

• minimising emissions to the atmosphere and using the least carbon intensive methods of transport wherever possible

• managing the impacts of our supply chain by working with suppliers with high environmental standards wherever feasible and, with particular regard to printers, looking to utilise businesses who are ISO14001 and FSC accredited.

Most importantly...

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is reflected in the work that we produce.

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