The Smile Centre, new name and identity

How an image update can change perception and boost business without damaging an established family practice.

Over the past 30 years Churchview Dental Care had traded under a predictable but safe image that was seen to reflect family-centered values. Using a ‘church view’ as their identity, however, would not allow the practice to move forward into the important new areas of dental care technology and the fashionable cosmetic dentistry with all it has to offer.

It was important to develop a new name and identity that would hold on to the values of a family-led business, but that would also reflect all that modern dentistry has to offer in a friendly, relaxed but professional manner. The new name, The Smile Centre, and its fresh, clean image has succeeded in attracting a new and diverse customer base and has been welcomed by existing customers. The Smile Centre is to enter ‘Most Improved Practice’ in the Private Dentistry Awards this year.

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