Decisions, decisions…

What actually makes us pick one brand over another?  How do we as consumers or clients navigate the ever increasing level of choice that is open to us?

In the current market, where chaos seemly reigns, brands are the shorthand for decision making. They are the sign posts that we use to first identify and then select the right product or service. Once a brand is understood it provides the ideal way to reduce any perceived risks in future purchases. But what is it about the brand that helps at this stage of the decision process?

The identity component has helped create standout and visibility but that only goes as far as arriving at the product or service, so how do we make that final decision? If you believe recent research, your gut has already decided. You somehow already know which product you are going to buy, all you have to do is justify it to yourself (or others). At Zeal, we like to think that the brand is about trust and that you either trust it or you don’t depending your prior experience.

We are increasingly using the trust (brand) mark to overcome our inability to make a rational decision and what we feel about the brand now counts even more towards reducing our nervousness at the final point of purchase.

To build a brand to work as a ‘decision tool’ Zeal helps to

      Create meaning   Consistently communicate this meaning

This seems easy on the face of it but requires focus, creativity and strong management to build the meaning in to something that can be used by and more importantly acted upon by your target audiences.

So is trust the ‘Holy Grail’ in branding and can you count on yours to help make that all important purchase decision?

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