Brand or Bland?

How do you know if your brand is a bit old hat? Have you checked lately?

We are finding that brands are rising slower and falling faster as brand owners are hoping that they have done enough and that the creative spark that originally brought their brand to life is still alight.

Without a secure platform to work from, keeping brands ahead of their competition in both relevance for their audiences as well as general interest levels, is putting a huge strain on the marketing budget. The competition is getting tougher, the market is more saturated than you had first thought and there are new entrants every day. So how do you survive?

We work with brand owners to deliver three essential elements to ensure that the brand is working harder, these being


Focus is being clear about what it is you want the brand to do, how it will support the business plan and how it will help provide growth to the business.

Creativity is then vital to break through the competitive static, deliver clear and relevant messaging as well as providing clues as to the behaviours expected internally.

Consistency is delivering on the brand time and time again to ensure that what you stand for is embedded in the minds of your target audience so that at their point of decision you are top of mind. The brand is a way of creating trust to help clients or customers in their selection and the maintenance of this trust is vital regardless of the prevailing conditions.

Here at Zeal we deliver the brand platform through a framework that details and describes the attributes of the brand and how they can be employed inside the business to make it stronger as well as a springboard for growth.

So, how strong is your platform?

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