A new breed of Boot Camp !

A new start-up, Ultimate Boot Camp is the premier health and fitness training programme for women. UBC was set up for many reasons but ultimately for one common goal, to empower women to become physically and mentally stronger through exercise and good sustainable nutritional advice.
UBC strive to empower their recruits with the necessary confidence, skills and knowledge to make a complete and lifelong lifestyle change. Emphasis on self-esteem and positive thinking add another excellent dimension to the offer, giving each recruit a totally holistic experience.

“Zeal has a considerable amount of experience and expertise in brand strategy, creative design and implementation. With this ability we knew they would be perfect to work with the UBC team in our mission to deliver real market differentiation in a crowded and challenging ‘Boot Camp’ market. Integrity and speed to market was essential in getting us the bookings we needed to fill the first two camps. The simplicity and immediacy of the whole communications package has helped us to very quickly secure these bookings. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome; we have a powerful brand with integrity and credibility that has set us off on entirely the right footing!”

Sam Watts - Director

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